San Diego Residential Architecture

San Diego Residential Architect

As a residential architect in San Diego, I find this area of home design to be the most challenging and the most rewarding. My job in working with our residential clients is primarily to listen to the client's expectations and desires, not tell the client what type of house they should live in. Listening to the client, their dreams and desires, what they must have, what they want to have and what they don't want. Then I am able to make suggestions they might not have thought of and bring them possible new solutions for their home and open them to new ideas and possibilities.

A home is a place where people find themselves, seek refuge and nurture themselves and their families. The spaces we occupy in our everyday lives shape us as human beings and, on the larger scale, as a society. A home is a hearth or the soul of a family; it contains memories and creates aspirations.

Architecture in the future, especially residential, will give us a new scale and proportions to work with, new uses for materials and a palette of authenticity to replace our oversized stucco meaningless boxes. Technology including computers and automatic sensor controls will assist the homeowner in their home. From turning on and off lights, preparing meals, controlling heating and cooling, these devices will bring the future to the present.

Today's residential homeowner is more environmentally conscious. We know materials that are sustainable and incorporate them in our designs. More manufacturers are offering these products giving the consumer more choice in selection.

Our return clients at Shorn + Associates, Architects come back to us because we've changed their lives, they see things a bit differently and appreciate how our services have helped them to create richer and fuller lives for themselves, family and friends. Let Shorn + Associates take care of your San Diego residential architecture needs.