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END NOTE: Green or Sustainable Design

An important aspect of our Firm's architectural services is a commitment to recommending design concepts, products and solutions that incorporate sustainable design elements. From positioning a building project on a site to take advantage of prevailing winds, angle of the sun or rain water management to designing with recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials and incorporating and integrating such features as solar design, FSC wood and low emission products, Jeffrey D Shorn + Associates demonstrates its commitment to sustainable design.

By designing and building responsibly, we reduce and ultimately lower the negative environmental impacts that normally occur with traditional building design and construction. Green design may cost a bit more upfront but the return on investment can pay for itself within a short time period. Building codes are also changing to include more sustainable requirements as part of the building process. Incorporating these sustainable features into your project now means that you have taken the first step to building an environmentally sound project that helps preserve the environment for future generations while creating a healthy and comfortable environment for you and your project now.