Ask a Real Architect

Ask A Real Architect has been added to our website to assist our potential clients in helping them to formulate their thoughts and ideas in planning for new construction.

Whether it be residential, commercial, hospitality, or historic type projects, there are always questions. This format will give you an opportunity to ask some of those basic questions that you have as you begin an architectural project.

Questions such as:

How much is new construction per square foot when adding an addition to or building a new home? How does the client/architect agreement work? Is it difficult to add a second story on to an existing house? How do I make a room appear larger? What do I need to do in my home to make it comfortable for my aging parent? What is the best way to choose a contractor? How do I know if my home is historic?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking. Giving it some thought, you can come up with your own questions, which we will be happy to answer. The first step in making your project or your dream home a reality is just "asking a real architect."

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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